Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flush Phones....


It used to be in the "old days" (whatever they might be) that to get updated in the latest news and world events I just had to stop in at my in-laws. There, in their formidable reading room, I would be able to read the best of Readers Digest behind the solitude of a locked door.
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Having younger children, and normally with nieces and nephews, running around it never can be overstated the importance of locks on doors with-in the confines of a home.

There, upon one of the few thrones I know, I would review the events in Laughter, the Best Medicine; Life in These United States; and, probably my favorite, Humor in Uniform. It was peace and solitude that only a father can enjoy.

Alas, as the kids got older, so did the age on the Reader's Digest issues in the library. Eventually reading the same article, joke, or anecdote for the sixth time wears thin. I needed to find an updated alternative to my library. Along came the "SMART PHONE."

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What a wonderful idea. Somewhere in the midst of that technology I was able to download books, newspapers, and magazines to a device that I could take with me anywhere-even behind the locked door of my library. I didn't have to search through the magazines to see which article I hadn't yet read for the sixth time. I could find the current news, humor or what ever and read to my hearts content.

But....I am a little concerned now. I don't think the lock on my library door is effective anymore. Being in the Philippines insulates us somewhat from the happenings back home. Reading the news can be depressing (thank heavens for a wife who is a therapist!) but being 8,000 miles away I can put off dealing with it until it's time to return home. Then I got to thinking....

If they can do that with conversations what can they do with the video and camera capabilities of my phone? Suddenly the concept of being alone on my throne has vanished. For years I have been able to keep the kids out of my library through the means of a simple locked door knob. Unfortunately, it appears that 'BIG BROTHER' has picked that locked and made my time now a shared commodity.

I propose a possible solution to the problem. Most who watch TV know the terminology of a "burn phone." It is a phone purchased with cash with x amount of minutes on it that can't be traced back to you (theoretically...probably not anymore). I believe it is time now for the "FLUSH PHONE."  Sit in the comfort of your own personal library. When through just simply...flush! I think it will catch on....


(as a historical note-it adds meaning to "White House Plumbers." Google it...perhaps appropriate for the times...)
(pss-E/S H-think about buying a "Flush Phone" when you get home!!)

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  1. We will begin working on that tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. What would "Big Brother" think of Me and Mar's conversations?!!!!!