Sunday, January 6, 2013

Up close with the locals....

(r-l) Elder/Sister Jackson, Marcia, Sister Taylor, Sister Fleming, Elder Armstrong
There are a lot of pictures in this post. It is well worth looking at. These pictures were taken over the last six weeks in various activities. I will try my best at identifying all.
(r-l)E/S Jacksons, Me, Marcia, Sis. Taylor, Sis. Fleming, E/S Armstrong
The pictures on the right were from a Thanksgiving dinner at the MTC President's apartment. President and Sister Taylor had a wonderful meal for us and great conversation.
Public Affairs Missionary Elder Dupaix

PEF Missionary Elder Bell
The day after our meal with the President and Sister Taylor we had a Thanksgiving meal at the Quezon City Mission home hosted by President and Sister DeLaMare.  All the seniors in the mission showed up, with the exception of the missionaries on Mindoro island. Fun was had by all.

Humanitarian Missionary Sister Hardick and Marcia

Elders Hardick and Jensen
The picture on the right is of two Canadians. Perhaps that might explain Elder Jensen (Member Leadership Support Missionary) on the right. Elder Hardick (Country Director Humanitarian Affairs) didn't know how much he was cared for!

Sister Hadlock with resident

These next few pictures are from a visit to Hospicio de San Jose. It is located on a small island in the middle of the Pasig river in Manila. It cares for abandoned children, seniors, and AIDS patients. It is supported by Catholic Charities. We were their inspecting wheelchairs with Elder and Sister Hadlock who are the country's wheelchair specialists.

Elder Hadlock, Nurses and Seniors. The one holding
Elder Hadlock's hand loved to sing to us!

Department Mgr. Gilda with an Angel's Trumpet
The remaining pictures are from a planning meeting that we had in the beginning of December. We traveled to the province of Bataan. It was my chance to show Marcia Subic Bay as well. When I was in the navy that was the port that my surgical team (Surgical Cadre 13), it was similar to a MASH unit, was sent to pick up our ship, the USS Bellawood. 

"You talkin' to me?"

This fella was with a group of like minded monkeys looking for a handout on the side of the road as we were around Subic Bay.

"You Talkin' to me?"(2)

"Seriously,  you talkin' to me?"
The two animals are called Caribou. White caribou are supposed to be good luck. We refer to them as waterbuffalo.

The remaining pictures are from "Zoobic." It is a park with many attractions. With some we were able to get quite close as the pictures show.
There was a cage between us

"You talkin' to me?"(3)

There were more attractions there then just the animals. Marcia attracted quite a lot of Montessori students who were their as well.
Marcia sharing the Gospel

Marcia and Montessori Kids

Up close and feeding a tiger

Canines on a feline

These last two pictures are of people from the local native group. They were performing the 'monkey dance.' It was quite impressive...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Videos

As promised. The following videos lead up to January 1, 2013. It was quite the show. At the beginning of each video I do say what time it is to give everyone the scope of the display that is being taped. The duration of the videos are from 2 minutes to 10 minutes; the last one being the longest as it takes it across midnight. Enjoy!!

The first video is taken at 11:05 and is 1m 44s.

This next video is at 11:25 and is 2 minutes in length.

This video, a favorite, shows people lighting up fireworks on our Patio Deck where the pool is. It's at 11:35 and is 2m 30s.

This last video begins at 11:57 and lasts 10 minutes. This wasn't the last video I took. I did take one more at about 12:30. Although the amount of fireworks had slowed down considerably they were still being shot off.